October 14, 2014


WHO we are

We are a company who loves that every single day we get the opportunity to introduce people to Saving Grace Hair Powder, and out of this introduction, change lives! Helping others save time and money, and feel great about themselves while doing so makes us excited to do what we do.

WHAT Saving Grace does

Saving Grace gives you more time each day by allowing you to shampoo less. Saving Grace absorbs oil and takes away that “dirty” or “matted down” feeling you might get between shampoos. Saving Grace helps cover roots, allowing you more time and giving you confidence between salon visits.

WHEN did we start doing what we’re doing?

During a very super duper sisterly chat several years ago, big sis told little sis she really wished she didn’t have to “waste” her time every single day washing and blowdrying her hair. Little sis let big (and normally wiser, but not this time) sis in on a secret to use baby powder sprinkled in her hair overnight to absorb oil. Big sis’s life was changed – for just a little while.  This solution didn’t work amazingly, produced white residue and buildup, and it had a distinct scent. So big sis started a quest to find something better to meet this need. She stalked beauty counters and tried many different dry shampoos and hair texturizing powders. She tried a homemade mixture from Pinterest with cocoa powder. She liked how the brown color of this mixture hid her roots somewhat. She disliked how the cocoa made her hair seem dirty. So she met with a smarty-pants chemist determined to find a solution. She ordered many ingredients and mixed them up in her kitchen. Her friends became official hair powder testers. And then they found the perfect recipe. And they began to share Saving Grace with their friends, who shared with their friends.

WHY do we love what we do?

We get to hear from people who have literally had their lives changed by using Saving Grace Hair Powder. They have more time to spend with their families, sleeping in, or doing what they love to do. It’s kinda a great pick me up. Every. Single. Day.

HOW do we help our customers?

We want you to be more than satisfied. It is our hope this product will become a total game changer in your hair routine.  The product that makes your “things I can’t live without” list. As such, we are here to help! Need advice on what color to try? Having a hard time getting the application just right? Find yourself in an emergency and need your Saving Grace overnighted? We are here to serve you! Contact us – we’d love to live up to our name and be your “Saving Grace” today!