Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I get started using this amazing hair powder? I’m ready to change my life, right now!

    Great! Unscrew the lid, and pull the little tab to remove the sticker allowing the powder to flow into the top part of the product.  Screw on the lid, and shake some of the powder into the top section of the container. With a brush of your choice (or we sell brushes if you need one), unscrew the top and dip the brush in the powder. Gently tap the brush on the side of the container so excess powder falls back in the container. Now take the brush and gently tap down your part line, or around your face where you’d like to
    absorb oil and/or cover those pesky hair roots. Try and avoid your actual part line, particularly when using one of the darker shades of Saving Grace, focusing on your actual hair (you don’t want to color your scalp!).

  2. When do I apply Saving Grace Hair Powder?

    For best results, or if you know in advance you won’t be shampooing your hair the next morning, apply Saving Grace in the evening before bed. The powder will absorb oil overnight. The next morning, reapply more powder to freshen up, and style hair as usual.

  3. I went a little overboard and used too much product. Now what?

    Gently brush your hair to remove excess powder. If necessary, use a blowdryer on a cool setting to blow additional excess powder off your hair and scalp. Take a wet tissue or washcloth and dab down your part line. We know it’s hard to contain your excitement about Saving Grace, but next time apply the product a little more carefully! If you went crazy and those other steps don’t work, a shampoo will wash Saving Grace from your hair and scalp. Particularly with the darker shades, take care to avoid your actual scalp and only cover the hair as much as possible.

  4. Does Saving Grace Beauty conduct testing on animals?

    Saving Grace Beauty affirms that it does not conduct or commission animal testing on any products, including, without limitation, ingredients or formulations of products supplied to our customers.

  5. What is your Return/Refund policy?

    We’re so sorry you’re dissatisfied with a Saving Grace product!  Should your order arrive damaged, please contact within 7 days so we may discuss returning and replacing your shipment.

    Should your Saving Grace product not meet your expectations, you may return your product(s) via mail within 30 days of your purchase.  Your return must arrive at least half full of product, and be accompanied by your proof of purchase to receive a refund. Please also include: reason for return, order number and be sure your package arrives in a traceable package. Saving Grace is not responsible for lost returns. Shipping and handling are not included in refunds, and customers are responsible for shipping charges.  Saving Grace Hair Powder will refuse any Cash On Delivery (COD) shipments.  Any product returned through mail must have been purchased through website.  Please contact a Saving Grace associate at for more information and a mailing address for your return.

    Any credit to the customer will be applied as the original form of payment. For credit card purchases, please allow 1 billing cycle for the credit to appear on your billing statement.  If the original form of payment was cash or a check, you will be refunded by check.  Please allow 30 days for this to be mailed.

    Items ordered on may NOT be returned to retail salons.

  6. What is your Privacy Policy?

    We take the privilege of knowing you and some of your personal information seriously. Our IT department is comprised of a web specialist and a computer security specialist (CISSP) who are utilizing the most up to date tools to fight cyber security crime. The entire Saving Grace team is upheld to a strict code of ethics, and we are thankful for the trust you place in us.